Cactus VPN

What are VPN Services?
With VPN services you can have privacy and security on the internet. VPN hide your identity and location from anyone and it secures your connection. With VPN you can access restricted websites.


Protect Your Privacy Online
As you are using VPN services, no one would know your actual IP address and geographical location. That means you will surf anonymously online and that advertisers and marketers cannot target you with ads.

Secure Your Internet Connection
By encrypting your connection, VPN service protects your personal data from cyber criminals and authorities, prevents deep packet inspection from the ISP and secures you on public Wi-Fi networks.

Bypass Restrictions & Blocks
By hiding your identity, VPN services helps you to bypass censorship imposed by your country, bypass blocks imposed at your workplace, school or university.

Why use CactusVPN?

High speed VPN servers
We use only high speed 1 gbps servers that are configured and managed by our high qualified admins to offer you the best speed and security.

You will get 20 VPN servers in 9 countries:
* United States of America (4)
* United Kingdom (5)
* Netherlands (4)
* France (1)
* Germany (1)
* Canada (1)
* South Korea (1)
* Australia (1)
* Romania (2)

Best Data Encryption
We use the best encryption that makes your traffic safe and impossible to decrypt and also does not affect too much your internet speed.

You will get 5 VPN protocols:
* OpenVPN
* L2TP/IPSec
* SoftEther

VPN Apps
Connect to VPN in seconds with our easy to use software. Absolutely no technical knowledge required.

You will get advanced features:
* Apps. Killer
* Internet Kill Switch
* DNS Leak protection
* Sort servers by speed
* Easy country / city switching
* Easy VPN protocol switching
* Available on Windows, macOS, iOS and Android

We don’t keep any logs
No connection logs and most certainly no traffic logging. A completely log free VPN for every single one of you.

Professional 24/7 customer support
Our specialists are here 24/7 ready to help you. Just start a live chat or submit a support ticket from the client area.

Unlimited bandwidth and speed
We do not limit your bandwidth and speed in any way. So you will use the maximum you can get from your connection.

Multiple devices with one package
CactusVPN account is not linked to a particular device. You can use up to five devices simultaneously in the same time.

Shared static IP
You are sharing your IP Address with other users and it is near impossible to link a particular activity to a particular user or device.

Free proxy servers
Each VPN server doubles as a free proxy server that you can use whenever you like. This feature comes as a bonus, just because we love you!

Free VPN trial
Try our VPN services for free for 24 hours. No credit card is required. No speed and bandwidth limitations.

Works on a lot of devices
* Windows
* Mac OS X
* iOS devices
* Android devices
* Ubuntu
* Chromebook
* Boxee Box
* Routers

Money Back Guarantee
We offer 30-days money back guarantee if you can’t connect to our VPN servers using all VPN connections included into your package or if you can’t connect to Smart DNS service.

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